Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tango Videos!

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Tango Videos – Why?

First off I want to thank you for coming to this site The Tango Videos’.

Why have we created this site?

I’m glad you asked.

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How do you explain or convey a ‘feeling’ to someone else?

This is what Tango is – a feeling.

Have a look at some of theses photo and see if you can see this ‘feeling’.

I can give you heaps of REASONS why Argentine Tango is one of the most beautiful dance that I have ever come across.
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  •  Good for your health
  • Makes you feel good about yourself
  • Improves your posture
  • Helps you keep in shape
  • Will help you and your partner connect
  • If single – will help you meet new people
But none of the above will explain or even come close to letting you know what Tango is about.

The only way to understand is – when you dance it you will know.

And if you are a Tango dancer you will know what I mean.

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You can dance Argentine Tango all around the world!

This web site The Tango Videos has been set up to show on one site the vast information that is out there about Argentine Tango.

When I first started in Tango I wanted to know about the moves, the steps, the music, the walk, the hold, the intention, the embrace, the floor craft, etc.

So here 4 years later I have decided to put up what I would have liked to see when I first started.

If you go to the Tango Categories and see the drop down box with ‘Selected a Category’ you will see a vast list of different number of ‘category’s’ relating to Tango Videos.

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  • Tango Back Sacadas
  • Tango Barridas
  • Tango Boleos
  • Tango Calesitas
  • Tango Colgadas
  • Tango Enrosque
  • Tango Funny Videos
  • Tango Ganchos
  • Tango In The Movies
  • Tango Milonga
  • Tango Milonga Workshop
  • Tango Music Milonga
  • Tango Music Nuevo
  • Tango Music Traditional
  • Tango Music Vals
  • Tango Ocho Cortado
  • Tango Paradas
  • Tango Performance
  • Tango Planeos
  • Tango Rulo
  • Tango Sacadas
  • Tango Traspie
  • Tango Vals
  • Tango Vals Workshop
  • Tango Volcadas
  • Tango Women Adornments
  • Tango Workshops
  • Top Video Picks

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Enjoy The Tango Videos site and if you would like some area of
Argentine Tango that I have missed out on here please let me know.

Go and dance Tango.


The Tango Videos

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