Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sex and Tango!

Sex and Tango!

Now here is an interesting question – ‘Does sex sell in Tango?’.

The other day I was searching on the web for some Tango Video clips and came across this heading for a  clip – Sexy Tango.

Now being a male – please don’t hold my psychological makeup and my billions of years of evolution to make me a male against me please girls!! – so being a male I right away click on the link and watch this two beautiful couple dance a very sexy tango performance together.

What was fascinating was that this Tango clip had over 300,000 views. Ok … I was now 300,001 and I added to the count.

But right under the clip was the original pair of dancers doing the same dance but the tittle was – ‘Mauro Caiazza – TANGO’.  And with only 12,000 views.

Now just to warn you … yes they both have different sound tracks as well. The sexy one has a younger heavy non tango beat track to the dance and the original one has a pure tango song.

But I feel that the big difference is not the music type but just the words – Sexy Tango!

Now the simple thing is that sex in advertising is sometimes used as a specific technique to arouse interest in a particular object, service or form.

Usually, images of breathtaking ladies (and increasingly, handsome guys) which are used to lure in a audience, reader or listener.
 Sex and Tango!It’s been documented that we as human creatures, have a reptilian way of thinking that reacts to certain primal urges.

Food is actually one. Love and reproduction is definitely another.

This fundamental, per-programmed disposition to respond to intimate imagery is really so powerful, it was useful for over 100 years in advertising.

And please – girls – you know what you are doing when you are getting all dressed up with makeup and hair and heels and short skirt and  … I better stop now – it’s getting hot in here!

So in our two different tango video clips by just adding the word ‘Sexy’ into it I feel that it shot to over 300,002 – oh … I just went and had a look at it again.

To see the two clips here they are:

Sexy Tango – Click Here!

Mauro Caiazz – Click Here!

Now guess what …. I know which one you clicked – we have a running number count going and you can guess which one is out performing!

What are your thoughts?

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